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Meet Jody

To motivate, train and educate others, is what you get from Jody Smith, aka “TheSuperTrainer.” Jody Smith is a certified trainer with certifications for First Aid/CPR, NCSF and NSCA. The Super Trainer has been training for over 17 years residing in Atlanta, Ga. In 2000, Jody Smith’s TheSuperTrainer workout was voted #1 for having the most intensive program for producing the best and quickest results.

Jody “TheSuperTrainer” Smith believes in helping each individual reach his or her fitness goals including weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, improved sports performance through increased power, speed, endurance and agility. Everyday, Jody strives to help clients set realistic, specific and quantifiable goals. Jody constantly evaluates body mechanics to make sure of proper posture and exercise efficiency. Jody is able to scale or deconstruct every exercise to fit each individual’s fitness level. There are no losers with The Super Trainer, just winners. Changing your life is a journey and he will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way. Jody has been through so many phases in his life to achieve the aspirations he has today. Believing in having a fit mind, fit body and fit soul is what makes him the Super Trainer.

Jody “TheSuperTrainer” Smith